Hoomie Gift Card

Hoomie Gift Card

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If you want to make a gift that stands out but you are unsure about the color/size to choose or you are running out of time, Hoomie Gift Card is the perfect solution!

Delivered directly to your inbox address, our Gift Card includes a unique gift code to be entered at Checkout. It works instantly online!

Hoomie's Manifesto

We envision a new home life filled with comfort and style. 
Our slippers combine the mastery of Italian artisans with the softness of luxurious fabrics to offer a daily premium experience

Hoomie's Pillars

Italian DNA

The timeless details of our homes inspired Hoomie signature style, made of elegance and understatement

Premium Fabrics

We've carefully selected the best materials in town because quality matters, even in your bedroom

Superior Comfort

Our slippers are so cozy that you won't even feel them on your feet. They really do fit like a glove

Your New Home Shoes

Hoomie's slippers are meant to enrich your time spent at home, expressing your personality, even when nobody is watching. 
Thanks to an extensive array of opulent colours, there is something to everyone's liking!

What are you waiting for?

Lovely Packaging

With Hoomie's customisable greeting card and joyful bag, every delivery is made with love

Easy Returns

Take your time to try our slippers.
If for any reason you are unhappy, you can send them back in 14 days

Fast Delivery

Can't wait to get Hoomie at your feet? Our slippers will be at your doorstep in 1–3 days after shipment